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March, April and May, spring time! And a time for ELT Conferences, too. This year, I was lucky to attend ISTEK International ELT Conference. I would love to attend other ELT events, unfortunately coul not make it:(

On May 15th, 2010, Bahçeşehir K12 Schools 6th ELT Conference was held. The theme of the conf was CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

David Marsh on stage- Bahçeşehir ELT-6 2010
David Marsh
CLIL Red Riding Hood
CLIL Red Riding Hood
CLIL can be viewed as a teaching and learning system ” referring to situations where subjects, or parts of subjects are taught through a foreign language with dual focused aims, namely the learning of content, and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language” ( Marsh, D. 2002. Content and Language Integrated Learning: The European Dimension-Actions, Trends and Foresight Potential). This dual focus  (teaching both the content and the language) can be considered difficult by some teachers, and it can be also challenging in the learning environment.

In my next post, I will  mention  the advantages and disadvantages of CLIL as viewed by educators all over the world. 

What do think about CLIL? What are your experiences with CLIL? I would love to here your comments..

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Here I am.. Writing a blog post. It is really hard to find words when you attempt to write but I guess words will come out of my mouth (and head) once I start writing. Actually, I have a blog in Turkish, mainly including recipes and notes on life küçük tatlar (means little pleasures). I haven’t written a word for months, though.

 About two months ago, I heard about ISTEK International ELT Conference, and I stopped by ISTEK ELT website. Something hit me on the website, and I began to browse. Finally, I met Burcu Akyol’s blog on the way. How strange! Although we are both in ELT business and  live in the same city, I haven’t met her anywhere.  While reading her posts, I met Shelly Teller, Özge Karaoğlu, Ken Wilson, and all other these amazing people from ELT arena. Each of them owns a blog, and you can see a lot of effort put in it. I was really shocked!!! I was familiar with networking but this PLN thing!! I didn’t know it could make such an impact.I haven’t felt that much excited and enthusiastic for along time. I gained a lot of insight from Burcu, Shelly and all these brilliant people, and now it was time to act!


First, I participated in a project!!  It might be starting from a few steps further, yo can say it. However, it just happened. Dear Shelly Teller had a very creative idea. She asked her PLN  to answer a question: “Why do we connect?”. But they were going to do it by shooting a short video.  My son, Can and I found our reason for connecting: “To make a difference, to feel the difference!” and this was totally correct! I sent the video to Shelly, and she immediately responded back with warm remarks. I didn’t know then that we were going to see each other at ISTEK!


The second step was having a twitter account. While reading Burcu and Shelly, I was convinced that twitter was a good thing:) I connected to twitter and got addicted immediately. First, it was a bit difficult to find people to follow. Thanks to Shelly, again I found very precious information on this wiki page, and not ony  had more information about twitter,  but also found valuable connections.  Besides finding connections, I also subscribed to ELT blogs. Before, I didn’t know about RSS, and added the blogs to my favourites. It was so difficult to follow. Now, I subscribe with RSS, and with “Google Reader” and I have the opportunity to see the new posts at a glance.


It’s weird, I don’t know about many great educators whom we work together under the same roof!  By means of tweeter, I met @neslihandrmsgl and @melanieyilmaz, who love teaching as well as learning! I also met other great educators from Turkey:  one of them @evab2001 whose blog is another platform  I learn a lot from.

The biggest change in my life is that I feel I belong to a community who love learning, teaching and sharing! I haven’t felt that much enthusiastic for a long time.

To be continued…:)

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